Infection Control (Health) Toolbox


The Infection Control (Health) Toolbox was funded by the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) and developed by Holmesglen Training and Development, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE. This resource is an online content development initiative within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework for the National VET System 2000 - 2004.

Project Director: Joan Salmon
Project Coordinator: Christine Foard
Multimedia Manager: Theo Kavadias
Instructional Designers: Evelyn Flitman, Bernadette McDermott, Judie Litchfield, Christine Foard
Web Developers: Timage Abdul, Rowan Peter, Adam Lemmo, Sam Hill, Ari Freeman, Geordie Oxley
Graphic Artists: Peter Joison
Administrative Support: Melissa Rogers, Debbie Mackin, Fay Lehmann, Jacqueline Gartley, Griselle Arancio

We would like to acknowledge all staff at Holmesglen Training and Development who contributed to the design, development and testing of this product. We would also like to acknowledge the writers, technical editors and industry reviewers for their contributions to this project.

The project team acknowledges the contribution of the Steering Committee members.

Trish Jamieson

Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council

Liz Cotter

Workforce Implementation Manager, Department of Human Services

Sue Robertson

Associate Director, Health, Human and Community Services, Holmesglen Institiute of TAFE

Patrick Quick

Learning and Development Consultant, Central Coast Health, New South Wales

Robin Flynn

Department of Health, New South Wales

Bruce Fowkes

Regional Infection Control Consultant, Acute Health, Grampians Region, Department of Human Services

Mary Smith

Regional Infection Control Practitioner, Grampians Region, Department of Human Services

Content has been sourced (with permission) from the Infection control guidelines for the prevention of transmission of infectiousinfectious disease in the health care setting, Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing, January, 2004 and various publications of the Rural Infection Control Practice Group (VIC), Victoria.

Practices have been written in accordance with the national infection control guidelines. At times these may be different from common practice in health care settings. They have been shown, however, as best practice.

We acknowledge ( in accordance with their copyright statement) the source of additional content as being from the Infection Control Policy, NSW Health, NSW Health Department, 2002.

All information in this resource was current within the year of publication, but may subsequently change. ANTA and Holmesglen Training and Development accept no responsibility for subsequent changes or inaccurate information.

First published 2004.

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