Welcome to the RPL Guide download page.

Please check the information in the grey box below - if you have a tick, you should be able to run the RPL Guide successfully. Please check that your computer has these minimum requirements and upgrade your player if required before going any further.

When you start the RPL Guide you will be asked to enter the URL for linking to the Aged Care Toolbox. Enter this address: http://online.cit.act.edu.au/toolboxes/aged_care_RPL/ The link only needs to be entered once and then will be stored for you.

Use the button below to download your copy of the RPL Guide. Once the program is installed you will not need to come back here again to start the RPL Guide, it will be located in the programs menu of your start button and also be placed as a shortcut on your Desktop for easy access.

When you click on the link you will be asked if you want to either run (or open), save (or download) or cancel. Click SAVE to download the file to your computer (remember where you saved it) then double click on the file you downloaded to install the RPL Guide. Alternatively, click RUN and the program will install itself then give you the option to run it.

On your first use of the RPL Guide, please go through the TOUR to learn how to use the RPL Guide and its features.

Download PC version of installer

If you are using a Macintosh® based computer, then use the button below to start the RPL Guide.

Download Macintosh version of installer