Staff attitudes

You should investigate the attitudes of the beauty therapy staff towards their job. You will need to read their staff profiles and their answers to the staff questionnaire.

Consider the following questions:

  • Which therapists felt involved in their work?
  • Who knew the sales target for the salon?
  • Which therapists felt bored with their work?
  • Identify those who felt they needed more resources to be able to do their job. What were the resources they felt they needed?
  • Which therapists had their own personal goals?


Activity 2
Individual activity

Identify a recent situation in which you have been aware of the different attitudes and behaviour of people. Draw upon your experiences from salon practical clinics.

  • Briefly describe your observations.
  • How might these attitudes affect a persons work output?
  • As a manager supervising beauty therapy staff, why is it important to discern the attitudes of your staff?

    Post your ideas on the discussion board under the topic " Staff Attitudes". Read one another's postings and comment.