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Support strategies for staff


Sometimes people just need the opportunity to clarify their thinking and their goals by talking through the issues.


If a performance problem involves a lack of skills or knowledge, it may be that formal off-the-job training could help.

Make sure you specify the precise area for improvement and then evaluate what training options are available.


Opportunities for coaching present themselves every day if you're looking for them. Whenever a staff member asks a questions or is facing a problem or a new situation there's the chance to help them learn.

Job aids

These are additions to the work area which prompt people to complete a job where they may be struggling. A job aid may be as simple as a small cue card at the point of sale terminal which reminds the person of some information or a process to follow. It can be as complex as a computerised help facility.

With the increased complexity and volume of information required today, job aids can be an inexpensive but effective option.