Use telecommunications technology in receiving/making calls in the call centre environment

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Unit overview

Call centre/customer contact agents rely on using telecommunications technology such as their telephone handset and headset when they are dealing with customers. In this unit you will learn how to:

  • use the telecommunications equipment to make, receive and transfer calls
  • deal with inbound calls, including transferring calls and taking messages
  • make outbound calls

Nominal hours

35 hours.



Elements of competency

Element 1 - Operate and effectively use telecommunications technology in the operational environment. Activity
Type of technology used is identified. Understand and use technology
Operational manuals are obtained and applied. Understand and use technology
Features of technology are identified and related to different usages. Understand and use technology
Equipment is correctly operated to generate and receive communication messages. Understand and use technology
Appropriate facilities and/or actions are used to receive, make, hold or transfer calls. Understand and use technology
Element 2 - Receive and respond to incoming calls.  
Enterprise protocol is identified and used appropriately. Inbound calls
Appropriate facilities and/or actions are used. Understand and use technology
Callers are identified correctly. Inbound calls
The purpose of the incoming call is correctly identified and verified with the call prior to subsequent action. Establishing customer needs
Information disclosed in actioning the calls is in keeping with enterprise policy. Privacy
Calls which require attention from another person are transferred promptly and successfully. Understand and use technology
Messages are taken where appropriate in accordance with enterprise procedures. Effective messages
Messages are recorded using clear and concise language so that meaning is readily understood by the recipient. Effective messages
Element 3 - Make outgoing calls and transmit messages  
A clear objective for an outgoing call is established. Making contact
Prior to making a call, all relevant information is identified, located and obtained. Making contact
Required telephone number/s are obtained. Making contact
Contact is established using designated business protocol and procedures. Making contact
Purpose of the call is conveyed clearly and concisely to the recipient. Making contact
Purpose of the call is verified with the recipient to ensure clear understanding. Making contact
Messages are passed on clearly and concisely where required. Effective messages
Understanding of a passed message is verified with the receiver. Effective messages

Here is a checklist for you to help you monitor your work progress.