Use basic computer technology to process enterprise and customer data

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Unit overview

Call centre/customer contact centre agents must be familiar with the use of computers. In this unit your skills in the following will be tested:

  • using the keyboard and mouse
  • logging in to your computer and logging out
  • managing files
  • using a word processing application
  • using a spreadsheets application

Nominal hours

35 hours.



Elements of competency

Element 1 - Establish context and background information. Activity
Type of computer technology is identified. Driving your computer
Operational manuals are obtained. Driving your computer
Correct "log on" procedures are identified and initiated. Driving your computer
Equipment is correctly operated to generate and receive communication messages. Driving your computer
Appropriate password is established and used in accordance with established protocol where required. Driving your computer
Element 2 - Identify and access relevant computer files.  
System applications are identified by their icons. Word processing
The keyboard and mouse are used proficiently to access applications. Word processing
Driving your computer
System applications are accessed using correct keystrokes or mouse actions. Word processing
Appropriate tools and/or commands are used in operating the system. Word processing
System is exited using appropriate "log off" procedures. Word processing
Driving your computer
Element 3 - Retrieve, view and close system files.  
Uses of the various system applications are identified. Word processing
Required application is selected and accessed. Word processing
Relevant file is located and opened. Word processing
Appropriate data location is identified and input or varied as required. Word processing
File is accessed in a manner that preserves the integrity of the data. Word processing
File and application is closed using defined procedures. Word processing
Work is undertaken in a manner which is safe to both self and work colleagues. Occupational safety and health
Element 4 - Navigate help files.  
Help files are accessed and exited using correct keystrokes or mouse actions. Word processing
Appropriate commands, keystrokes or mouse actions are used to navigate help files to obtain the relevant information. Word processing

Here is a checklist for you to help you monitor your work progress.