Provide quality customer service

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Unit overview

As an agent, it is your responsibility to establish a positive relationship with customers, and to provide a friendly service. In this unit you will learn how to:

  • develop a relationship with a customer
  • use effective customer service techniques, such as active listening and questioning
  • provide quality information and service to a customer

Nominal hours

35 hours.



Elements of competency

Element 1 - Receive an inquiry from the customer. Activity
Standard phrases are used to acknowledge the customer where applicable and in accordance with enterprise policy. Taking a call
An attentive and helpful manner is used in dealings with customers. Taking a call
Element 2 - Make initial contact with the customer.  
Introductions are made using standard phrases where applicable. Making contact
Customer's availability to continue with contact is assessed. Making contact
Element 3 - Establish a relationship with the customer.  
Customer identity and details are established and confirmed with customer records if appropriate. Inbound calls
Active listening, responding and empathy are applied to establish and maintain rapport with the customer. Establishing customer needs
Element 4 - Determine customer requirements.  
Active listening, questioning, responding and empathy are applied to determine the customer's requirements. Establishing customer needs
The customer's needs are ascertained to gain their agreement to a particular course of action. Establishing customer needs
Appropriate referral or hand-off procedures are implemented as required. Refer, transfer & escalate
Progress made on customer request/inquiry is communicated fully to staff member delegated to progress the issue. Refer, transfer & escalate
Element 5 - Respond to customer requests in a timely and effective manner.  
Inquiries and requests are responded to promptly and accurately in accordance with enterprise policy. Inbound calls
The customer request is discussed in an articulate, easy to understand manner without the use of jargon or acronyms. Talking the talk
Appropriate options are identified and recommended within enterprise constraints, to satisfy the customer's need. Matching product to person
Opportunities to promote company products and services are taken to meet the customer's request/needs as appropriate. Matching product to person
A commitment, most appropriate to meeting the customer's needs, is discussed and agreed with the customer. Matching product to person
Sources of additional or more detailed information are accessed as appropriate to meet the customer's request/needs. Keeping customers informed
Service and products are provided to the customer as agreed and within business unit constraints. Taking orders
The customer is kept informed of progress. Keeping customers informed
The customer is provided with clear explanations regarding any delay or inability to meet commitments and satisfy their request/needs. Matching product to person
Customer satisfaction is checked by summarising information and confirming that objectives have been met. Coming to a close
Further assistance, with a commitment to service, is offered to the customer before closing. Coming to a close
The standard phrase is used to close the call if applicable. Coming to a close
Work is undertaken in manner which is safe to self and to fellow workers. Occupational safety & health

Here is a checklist for you to help you monitor your work progress.