Conduct outbound telemarketing campaign

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Unit overview

As an agent who makes outbound calls relating to a marketing campaign, you need to know the campaign details as well as a whole range of other skills. In this unit you will learn how to:

  • stay informed of the campaign details
  • make effective outbound calls
  • take the order details and arrange for the delivery of the order
  • keep a record of the calls you have answered

Nominal hours

35 hours.



Elements of competency

Element 1 - Identify telemarketing campaign requirements. Activity
Campaign details are studied and questioned where details unclear. Taking part in marketing campaign
Prepared call guide is studied and fully understood. Taking part in marketing campaign
Operational boundaries are discussed and agreed. Taking part in marketing campaign
Technology to be utilised is identified and most effective use determined. Understand and use technology
Fulfilment processes are discussed, understood and agreed. Taking part in marketing campaign
Call targets are identified and agreed. Reaching your targets
Element 2 - Conduct campaign.  
Telephone calls are identified from database. Taking part in marketing campaign
Calls are made in the most effective manner possible. Making contact
Call guide is followed in accordance with enterprise policies and procedures. Making contact
Call principles are followed in line with enterprise policy. Making contact
Customer responses are recorded accurately on the provided forms. Recording campaign results
Customer queries are answered or referred to appropriate person in accordance with enterprise policy. Refer, transfer and escalate calls
Customer requests are actioned in accordance with enterprise policy. Taking orders
Work is undertaken in a manner which is safe to self and fellow workers. Occupational safety and health
Element 3 - Record campaign results.  
Recorded outcomes are collated and presented in accordance with enterprise policy. Recording campaign results
Difficulties encountered are recorded and reported as required. Recording campaign results
Performance against agreed call targets is assessed and analysed for future improvement. Reaching your targets
Data base is amended where applicable. Updating customer records

Here is a checklist for you to help you monitor your work progress.