Process sales of limited product/service from incoming inquiries

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Unit overview

Call centre/customer contact centre agents frequently handle sales inquiries for products or services. In this unit you will learn how to:

  • identify exactly what the customer's needs are
  • discuss the purchase with the customer and come to an agreement
  • process the customer's order, including arranging the delivery

Nominal hours

35 hours.



Elements of competency

Element 1 - Identify customer needs. Activity
Customer needs are clearly established. Establishing customer needs
Customer records are accessed in the case of an existing client. Accessing customer records
Product/service matching customer needs is identified, presented to the customer. Matching the product to the person
Customers are fully informed as to product/service price. Making the most of a sales call
Customer inquiry is referred to appropriate person/area in accordance with enterprise policy where customer need cannot be satisfied. Refer, transfer and escalate calls
Sales principles are followed as per enterprise policy. Making the most of a sales call
Customer objections are managed effectively as required. Making the most of a sales call
Element 2 - Close sales.  
Product/service to be purchased is agreed with the customer. Matching the product to the person
Payment options are discussed and agreed with the customer. Taking orders
Customers are advised as to payment methodology and address for payment where necessary. Taking orders
Credit card details are recorded and verified with customer where appropriate. Taking orders
Credit checks are arranged where enterprise policy requires. Credit checks
Delivery/installation arrangements are discussed and agreed with the customer and actioned. Taking orders
Privacy requirements are fully applied during the transaction. Privacy
Opportunities for further sales are identified and brought to notice in accordance with enterprise policy. Matching the product to the person
Element 3 - Input sales records.  
Details relating to sale are fully recorded on enterprise systems. Inputting customer records
Existing customer records are amended where appropriate. Updating customer records
Invoices are raised where required. Taking orders
Delivery/installation details are recorded in accordance with enterprise policy. Taking orders
Performance against agreed targets is assessed and analysed for future improvement. Reaching your targets
Work is undertaken in manner which is safe to self and to fellow workers. Occupational safety and health

Here is a checklist for you to help you monitor your work progress.