Provide support and assistance to customers relating to particular product/service

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Unit overview

There are many situations where agents need to be able assist customers with their queries. In this unit you will learn how to:

  • clarify the customer's query
  • deal with the inquiry in order to satisfy the customer's need

Nominal hours

35 hours.



Elements of competency

Element 1 - Identify and clarify customer inquiry. Activity
Customer is queried for information related to inquiry. Establishing customer needs
Type of assistance required by the character is determined. Establishing customer needs
Customer records are accessed where required and available. Accessing customer records
Further information is sought from the customer where needed. Establishing customer needs
Element 2 - Satisfy customer need.  
Information required by the customer is accessed and provided in an efficient and timely manner. Keeping customers informed
Systems are activated to provide information where required. Accessing customer records
Relevant specialist advice is accessed prior to satisfying customer requirements where required. Keeping customers informed
Customer is kept informed as to progress when further information is sought. Keeping customers informed
Inquiry is escalated where solution is complex or affects enterprise policy. Refer, transfer and escalate calls
Where delays occur, customer is offered call back service at a time convenient to both parties. Keeping customers informed
Work is undertaken in a manner which is safe to self and fellow workers. Occupation safety and health

Here is a checklist for you to help you monitor your work progress.