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The Kangan Batman TAFE development team included:

  • Tim Verkerk (Project management & instructional design)
  • Colin Foote (Instructional design)
  • Sean Norrey, Ben Brown, Shani Marshall & Sasha Cokorilo (Multimedia development & graphic design)
  • Cindy Marett, Eric Gunning & David Danson (Content expertise).

The reference committe included:

  • John Shearston (ElectroComms and Energy Utilities Industry Skills Council (EE-Oz))
  • George Adda (Curriculum Maintenance Manager – Electrical)
  • Rod Lovett (National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA))
  • Ken Stephenson (Victorian Electro Technology Senate)
  • Eric Gunning (Kangan Batman TAFE)
  • Sheldon Irving (Boxhill Institute of TAFE).

Editing was completed by:

  • Helen Foote
  • Linda Stanard
  • Loretta Veitch.

Thanks to the following people who posed for photographs:

  • Angelo Bruno
  • David Danson
  • Colin Foote
  • Jason Grimshaw
  • Eric Gunning
  • Dean Malinowski
  • Cindy Marett
  • Baris Sezgin
  • Tim Verkerk
  • Henghua Zhangi