Up Front! Toolbox

Lead Agent: Centre for Learning Innovation, NSW Department of Education and Training

Partners: Northern Sydney Institute TAFE NSW; Western Institute TAFE NSW; Western Sydney Institute TAFE NSW

Project Manager: Barry Reeves

Concept: Barry Reeves, Carol Walsh

Instructional Designers: Carol Walsh, Barry Reeves, Kate Robinson

Web Developer: Alison Woodage

Graphics: Simone Proudlock

Content developers: Leanne Anderson, Susan Coleman, Jillian Dirou, Lee Forrest, Gaby Gremeno, Nicki Halliwell, Steve Hatch, Elizabeth Herbert, Trish Jamieson, Carolyn Laycock, Dione Nuttall, Jacinta Rowe, Irene Simatos

Trialling and evaluation: Leanne Faulkner (Central Coast Health, NSW); Kate Robinson

Reference group: Zina Miceli (Business Services Training Australia); Pasquale Stella (eWorks); Steve Hatch (J2S Consulting); Kath Brewer (Linda Wyse & Associates); Paul Vanhauen (Central Coast Health, NSW); Tiffany D'Elboux (Optus); Tony Rowe (Pan Pacific Training); Annmaree Bernie, Judith Casson, Susan Coleman, Lee Forrest, Ronnie Yap (TAFE NSW); Jerry Corcoran (TAFE QLD)

Copy editor: Loretta Barnard

Audio production: John Dodds, Peter Longstaff

Production coordinators: Karen Coulstock, Louise Handley

Voices: talent supplied by RMK Voice Productions