Task 1

Provide Good Customer Service

Task 2

Ensure Safety in the Salon

Task 3

Maintain Stock Levels

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Care for Your Clients and Occupational Health and Safety

Congratulations on getting a job here at Cyber Hair Studio! I hope you will enjoy your time working with us.

As you assist Aldo, you will help to provide a relaxed and caring environment for our clients (Task 1). Then, afer an accident occurs in the salon, there are two Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) quizzes for you to complete (Task 2). I would also like you to answer some Stock Control Questions that we can use to update the Stock Control Manual (Task 3).

Units of Competency

Units of Competency and Elements Covered in the Anna Young ScenarioYou can access the Unit of Competency and Elements covered in this scenario by clicking on the scholar hat.