Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide is a comprehensive, 97-page manual that details the underpinning ideas and key features of the Toolbox.

Each unit is documented with details including:

  • unit description

  • nominal hours

  • elements of competency

  • activities

  • resources required

  • teacher's role

  • alternative approaches

  • customisation.

Teachers should use this guide to get an indepth explanation of how the Toolbox works and how they can use it to its full potential.


View the Teacher's Guide here.


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Teacher's Walk Through

The Teacher's Walk Through is an 11-page article that takes teachers on a quick tour of the online interface and how it works.

The walk through explains the:

  • homepage

  • navigation

  • online resources

  • activity screens

  • logsheets.

Teachers should use this Walk Through to get a quick run down of how to find their way around the online product.


View the Walk Through here.


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