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Your monitor
Your software


Your monitor

Set your monitor size to 800x600 or 1024x768. To do this

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Your software

You'll need one of these web browsers

You'll need version 6 of the Flash player. If you don't have this, you can 

There's lots of content about HR management in the learning packs in this Toolbox. To view these worksheets, we highly recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4 or higher. The worksheets contain graphics, and if you're working online having Adobe Acrobat v. 4 or higher will speed up the download time. You can also use Acrobat Reader's bookmarks feature to quickly find what you need in each worksheet. (Tip: click the Bookmarks tab to turn on the bookmarks panel.). If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, then you should  


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The page is too small.

You might have too many toolbars open and/or your browser icons might be set at too large a size. To change this, in Internet Explorer go to View, Toolbars on the main menu and check or uncheck toolbars. In Netscape 7 go to View, Show/Hide on the main menu and check or uncheck toolbars 

I have Flash 6, but I still can't play the sound files.

You could be running an earlier release of the Flash 6 Player. This could mean that you won't be able to listen to the interviews and other sounds in the units. There's always a text version of these for you to read, but if you want to hear the real thing, do this: 

Searching for flash.ocx in the Windows search screen

5. When the file is found, it will be listed in the right hand side panel. 

6. Close all browser windows. 

7. Select the file and delete it. 

8. Restart the course. 

I can play the sound files, but I still get the message saying I am running an early release of the Flash 6 Player.

If a warning message displays but you are still able to listen to the interviews and other sounds, then follow the instructions above to upgrade your Flash 6 Player to the latest version. 


If the sound plays intermittently in Netscape 7, reload/refresh your page. 

I see a broken image icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the unit home page, and I can't see the audio player.

You don't have Flash Player installed. See above for instructions on how to install the Flash Player. 

I can't print the whole page in Internet Explorer 5 or 5.5

When printing pages from Internet Explorer 5 or 5.5 sometimes the page won't print beyond what's visible on the screen. We recommend updating to a more recent browser. 

How do I turn JavaScript on?

Your enjoyment of the site will improve if you enable JavaScript on your browser. To do this, follow the instructions below: 

Internet Explorer 6 

Netscape 4.7 

For Netscape Navigator 4.7 users, we recommend you upgrade Netscape . If you don't want to upgrade, to enable JavaScript you should do the following:  

Netscape 6.2 

Netscape 7 

The back button does not work properly.

If you use the browser back button, you may sometimes have to click it twice or more to go back one screen. We recommend you use the navigation menu inside your Unit project to move around the Unit rather than using the back button on your browser's menu bar. 

In Acrobat, the Bookmarks Panel disappears every time I click on a link.

You need to change your settings in Acrobat Reader. Open the Bookmarks panel again, pull down the Bookmarks menu and un-tick the item Hide after use. 

Turning off Hide bookmarks after use in Acrobat Reader screen

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