Human Resources Diploma Toolbox

Lead Agent: Open Training and Education Network (OTEN), TAFE NSW 

Consortium partner: Central TAFE WA 

Thanks to the students, trainers and HR professionals who donated their time to help with reviewing and piloting the HR Toolbox. 

Thanks also to the HR practitioners who contributed their time to be interviewed for the learning packs in the HR Toolbox. 

Development team

Project manager: Barry Reeves 

Reference group: Geraldine Kennett (AHRI), Zina Miceli (BSTA), Tim Dein (BAPA, TAFE NSW), Danny Fitzgerald (Sydney Water), Barry Reeves (OTEN, TAFE NSW) Margaret Starr (Central TAFE WA) 

Technical director: Grant Focas 

Instructional designers: Darrah Long, Rory O'Brien, Barry Reeves, Kate Robinson 

Lead subject matter experts: Marc Dale (HRMIS), Lee Forrest (remuneration and benefits), Sheevaun Gallacher (HR consultancy), Gabby Grammeno (rehabilitation/return to work), Jennifer Harding (industrial relations, separation/termination, work/life programs), Jennifer Hendry (performance management, recruitment and selection) 

Content developers and reviewers: Richard Arkell, Ray Banister, Susan Coleman, Marc Dale, Jillian Dirou, Sandy Dodge, David Drinkwater, Deborah Evans, Lee Forrest, Sheevaun Gallacher, Gabby Grammeno, Jennifer Harding, Jennifer Hendry, John Lewer, Terry McBride, Yovan Trifunovic, Marcia Underwood, Rebecca Walklate 

Web developers: Grant Focas, Mark Focas, Nosh Mistry, Alison Woodage 

XML developers: David Drinkwater, Caitlyn Duggan, Gray Falkner 

Editors: Robert Adams, Vicki Meintjes, Darilyn Ryan 

Audio production: John Adams, Peter Longstaff 

Production coordinators: Kylee Chedid, Louise Handley 

Interview transcripts: Meg Falkner 

Voiceovers: talent supplied by RMK Voice Productions 


Some content in the learning pack worksheets has been adapted from the following sources, we gratefully acknowledge the contribution of these organisations and people to the project: 

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Business and Public Administration Division, McBride T, Evans D. (2003) Teacher Guide for Manage Remuneration and Benefits 9795J, TAFE NSW 

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WorkCover NSW, cases from pamphlet How to organise suitable duties in the Retail Industry, Publication No. REH 1259.10/96 WorkCover NSW 

The above materials are used with permission. 


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