HR Toolbox learning pack index

Here is an index of all the learning packs for the HR Diploma Toolbox.

Learning packs help you develop your knowledge and skills in Human Resource Management. Each pack contains a worksheet and other things like interactive tools, interviews with HR professionals, websites and review quizzes.

We have provided links to them at key points through your project. Or you may link to them from this screen if you just want to look up some specific HR content.

Learning packs Appears in
Align recruitment and selection to organisational goals
bsbhr506a task2
bsbhr506a task5
Analyse and process illness/injury claims in the workplace
bsbhr509a task2
Analyse performance management strategies
bsbhr503a task1
Apply HRMIS implementation to the workplace
bsbhr502a task3
bsbhr502a task4
Apply legislation to HR processes
bsbhr501a task2
bsbhr501a task4
bsbhr504a task4
bsbhr505a task7
bsbhr506a task3
bsbhr507a task2
bsbhr509a task1
Apply work/life evaluation practices to the workplace
bsbhr508a task6
Apply work/life implementation, administration and monitoring to the workplace
bsbhr508a task5
Apply work/life implementation planning to the workplace
bsbhr508a task3
bsbhr508a task4
Apply work/life needs analysis to the workplace
bsbhr508a task2
Conduct a job evaluation
bsbhr505a task3
Conduct exit interviews
bsbhr507a task6
Consult a salary survey
bsbhr505a task5
Deal with employee performance issues
bsbhr503a task4
Describe key concepts in separation/termination
bsbhr507a task1
Describe remuneration and reward systems
bsbhr505a task4
Determine appropriate remuneration
bsbhr505a task6
Develop and document HR processes
bsbhr502a task1
bsbhr505a task9
bsbhr506a task2
bsbhr507a task1
Develop an HR service level agreement
bsbhr501a task1
bsbhr501a task2
bsbhr501a task3
bsbhr501a task7
Develop an industrial relations plan
bsbhr504a task1
Develop industrial relations options
bsbhr504a task2
Develop performance feedback plans
bsbhr503a task5
Develop performance management systems
bsbhr503a task2
Evaluate and improve HR processes and tools
bsbhr501a task3
bsbhr501a task6
bsbhr502a task5
bsbhr503a task8
bsbhr504a task7
bsbhr505a task8
bsbhr506a task7
bsbhr507a task3
bsbhr508a task6
Evaluate rehabilitation programs in the workplace
bsbhr509a task7
Identify factors inside organisations that influence remunerations practice
bsbhr505a task2
Identify factors outside organisations that influence remunerations practice
bsbhr505a task1
Identify HR Information requirements
bsbhr502a task1
Identify work/life balance programs
bsbhr508a task1
Implementing performance management feedback
bsbhr503a task8
Implement industrial relations strategies
bsbhr504a task3
Implement rehabilitation programs in the workplace
bsbhr509a task4
Implement the project
bsbhr502a task3
bsbhr502a task4
bsbhr508a task4
bsbhr508a task5
Link HR planning to organisational goals
bsbhr501a task1
bsbhr502a task1
bsbhr503a task1
bsbhr504a task1
bsbhr506a task1
bsbhr508a task3
Manage a summary dismissal
bsbhr507a task5
Manage conflict in industrial relations
bsbhr504a task6
Manage difficult injury cases in the workplace
bsbhr509a task5
bsbhr509a task6
Manage the performance of probationary employees
bsbhr506a task8
Manage the separation/termination process
bsbhr507a task3
bsbhr507a task4
Minimise conflict in industrial relations
bsbhr504a task4
bsbhr504a task5
Monitor and evaluate industrial relations outcomes
bsbhr504a task7
Monitor and evaluate performance of HR information system
bsbhr502a task5
Monitor employee performance
bsbhr503a task3
Outsource HR services
bsbhr503a task7
bsbhr504a task6
bsbhr506a task2
Plan an induction program
bsbhr506a task2
bsbhr506a task6
Plan the project
bsbhr502a task3
bsbhr502a task4
bsbhr508a task3
Prepare employee learning and development plans
bsbhr503a task6
Prepare rehabilitation/return-to-work programs in the workplace
bsbhr509a task3
Review rehabilitation procedures in the workplace
bsbhr509a task1
Select HR information management system
bsbhr502a task2
Train and support staff who implement HR processes
bsbhr501a task5
bsbhr503a task3
bsbhr504a task3
bsbhr506a task4
bsbhr506a task5
bsbhr508a task5


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