Lead agent:

Indigenous Lead Centre, North Queensland Institute of TAFE in partnership with Global Vision Media.

Special thanks to the following individuals and organisations for their contribution:

  • eWorks

Project manager:

Pamela Bigelow and Sue Chamberlain, Indigenous Lead Centre, North Queensland Institute of TAFE.

Content development:

  • Sue Chamberlain, Leanne Kruger, George Somerville, Jeff Golding, Indigenous Lead Centre, North Queensland Institute of TAFE.

Instructional design:

  • Sue Chamberlain and Leanne Kruger, Indigenous Lead Centre, North Queensland Institute of TAFE.

Multimedia development/Graphic design:

  • Damian Cavenagh (project manager), Global Vision Media
  • Luke Mackay, (Multimedia developer), Global Vision Media
  • Shannon Hastwell, (Multimedia developer), Global Vision Media
  • Paul Douglas, (Multimedia developer), Global Vision Media
  • Ben McGill, (Graphic artist), Global Vision Media

Toolbox National Reference Group:

  • Warren Locke, Chairperson, WorkForce Principal, WorkForce Design & Liaison Unit, Health & Community Services Workforce Council, QLD
  • Michele Maloney, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait public health consultant, Melbourne
  • Rhonda Appo, Indigenous VET Initiatives, Brisbane
  • Don Fraser and Meg Rapepi, QATSIWEHPAC, Cairns
  • Cindy Barlow, Cultural Awareness Coordinator, Indigenous Lead Centre, TNQT
  • Sharon Lofthouse, Education Manager - Community Services Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE

Toolbox Mentor:

  • Jo Murray Pelion Consulting & Metanoia Learning and Design


  • Indigenous students enrolled in Certificate III and IV ATSI Primary Health Care at QATSIHWEPAC
  • Jenny Hawkins, |Teacher, Registered Nurse, Health Studies Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE
  • Gwen Paterson-Walley, CAAC Remote Health, AOD Practitioner
  • Indigenous students Toowoomba TAFE Cert 3 IPHC
  • Anna Leditschke, ATSIHRTONN National Coordinator, SA
  • Annie Humphries, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Inc.
  • Jenny Baraga, Wirraka Maya Health Service, WA
  • CAAC, Education and Branching branch, Alice Springs, NT


  • Pamela Bigelow, Indigenous Lead Centre

Thanks to the following people who posed for photographs or did audio recordings:

  • Karen Minicon
  • Robbie Thorpe
  • Chelsea Aniba
  • Nicki Ashby