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Competency Map

The table below shows you how the resource packs and project stages match to the Units of Competency.

Diploma of Website Development

Competency/Resource Pack Website Project Stage
PSPPM502B: Manage Complex Projects Project 1 Stage 1 - Project Management for Website
ICAA5151A: Gather Data to Identify Business Requirements Project 1 Stage 2 - Business Requirements for Website
ICAA5158A: Translate the Business Needs into Technical Requirements Project 1 Stage 3 - Technical Specifications for Website
ICAA5146A: Develop Website Information Architecture Project 1 Stage 4 - Information Architecture for Website
ICAB5165A: Create Dynamic Pages Project 1 Stage 5 - Create Pages for Website
ICA5054A: Validate Quality and Completeness of Design Project 1 Stage 6 - Validate quality for the Website
ICAP5039A: Match the IT Needs with the Strategic Direction of the Enterprise Project 2 Stage 1 - Strategic Plan for Website
BSBPM505A: Manage project quality Project 2 Stage 2 - Quality Management for Website
ICAA5141A: Design Dynamic Websites to Meet Technical Requirements Project 2 Stage 3 - Design the Website
ICAB5180A: Integrate a Database with a Website Project 2 Stage 4 - Database Integration for Website
ICAT5083A: Develop and Conduct Client Acceptance Test Project 2 Stage 5 - Client Acceptance for Website
ICAS5202A: Ensure Privacy for Users Project 2 Stage 6 - Privacy Policy for Website
ICAU5208A: Use Site Server Tools for transaction management Project 3 Stage 1 - Server Tools for Website
ICAT5081A: Perform Systems Test Project 3 Stage 2 - Systems Testing for Website
ICAA5056A: Prepare Disaster Recovery/Contingency Plans Project 3 Stage 3- Disaster Recovery for Website
ICAS5102A: Establish and Maintain Client User Liaison Project 3 Stage 4 - Client Liaison for Website
ICAI5212A: Implement Quality Assurance Process for Websites Elective (no corresponding project)

Diploma of Database Design and Development Electives

Competency/Resource Pack Website Project Stage
ICAA5139A: Design a Database Elective (no corresponding project)
ICAB5068A: Build using RAD Elective (no corresponding project)