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Computer Setup

To use the learning material in this Toolbox, you will need a computer with the following minimum system requirements:



Incorrect versions of these applications could result in information being shown in an unreadable form or not shown at all.

Requirements for specific competencies

There are a number of competencies within the Toolbox that require added software to enable students to complete the assessments. The Toolbox provides recommendations for this software; however it is up to the facilitator to decide what is appropriate to their situation. The competencies affected are listed below.

ICAB5180A Integrate a database with a website

The recommended software to use with this competency is MySQL and PHP. Instructions for installation can be found in the resource pack for this competency. The requirements for installing MySQL are:

ICAB5165A Create dynamic pages

This unit of competency discusses and provides examples of DHTML. It should be noted that some examples require Internet Explorer to render correctly. These were included to show students the range of functions available. Where this is the case a reference to this fact is included in the resource pack, to warn the user before they click on the link to view the example.

ICAB5068A Build using RAD

This unit of competency presents Rapid Application Development theory and explores the practical use of CASE tools. The resource pack includes images and reports from the CASE tool QDesigner, The QDesigner CASE tool has not been specified as a required resource for this competency; however students will need access to a CASE tool to progress through the competency.
The RTO will need to consider the hardware and software requirements needed for the CASE tools selected.

PSPPM502A Manage projects

This unit of competency recommends using Microsoft Project as the project management application. Details on how to access trial versions and requirements for this software are available in the resource pack.

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