THH 220 02 Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) Toolbox


The Kitchen Operations Hospitality Series 4 Toolbox is an online content development initiative within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework for 2000 -2004 and has being developed by Challenger TAFE in collaboration with WestOne Services.

The Kitchen Operations Series 4 Toolbox contains teaching and learning resources for the online delivery of units of competence from the Hospitality Training Package at AQF Level II.

The competencies included in the proposed Toolbox are the core modules (excluding the modules that were developed in the Tourism Series 1 Toolbox) and electives required for a student to complete the majority of the new Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations). The only unit from the proposed new Certificate II course that has not been included is THHBCC15B Prepare, Cook and Serve Food from a Menu.

This unit is mainly workplace based with only a small portion being suitable for online delivery. The selected competencies are also the basic skills required by many other different sectors in the hospitality industry. Students completing apprenticeships, Certificate I, II and III Hospitality Training Package courses, trainees and VET in schools programs also complete the competencies that have been selected for this Toolbox.

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Project Manager: Jill Jamieson - Training Coordinator at Challenger TAFE


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