THH 220 02 Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)


Before you begin
Before you begin
THHCO01B Develop and update hospitality industry knowledge
THHBKA01B Organise and prepare food
THHGHS01B Follow workplace hygiene procedures
THHBKA04B Clean and maintain kitchen premises
THHBKA02B Present food
THHBKA03B Receive and store kitchen supplies
THHBCC01B Use basic methods of cookery
THHBCC02B Prepare appetisers and salads
THHBCC00B Prepare sandwiches
THHBCC03B Prepare soups, stocks and sauces
THHBCC04B Prepare vegetables, eggs and farinaceous dishes
THHBCC05B Prepare and cook poultry and game
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