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This Toolbox is one of a series of toolboxes being funded under the Framework for National Collaboration in Flexible Learning in Vocational Education and Training 2000 – 2004, which was endorsed by ANTA in 1999. This third series of Toolbox developments is a component of the Framework’s Strategy 2000 and supports the goal "World Class Online Content Development, Applications and Services".

This toolbox provides the core competencies for the Certificate IV in Library & Information Services. These are:

  • Contribute to client access to information
  • Contribute to effective working relationships
  • Develop and apply own information literacy skills in working with clients
  • Contribute to structuring bibliographic and other information systems
  • Manage own work, development and learning
  • Organise and coordinate work activities
  • Use networked services effectively to provide access to information
  • Use Multimedia Equipment
  • Train small groups



A teacher’s guide is provided as a PDF icon PDF document.
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The core of the toolbox is HTML-based course content incorporating multimedia resources.

The "control room" for the student is an electronic Workspace, a 2D-3D simulated workplace environment, using a library or other information agency as the context in which to teach the relevant competencies. Individual library and information literacy tasks can thus be ‘performed’ as part of an integrated and realistic workflow. The Workspace resides on the student’s computer and controls access to other applications, an institution’s learning management system (including access to chat, email, bulletin boards, discussion list etc), and of course the multimedia content of the toolbox.

The Workspace is customisable by the student and it is in this learning environment that the student will role-play and complete exercises and scenarios. The Workspace also allows access to a range of learning tools and supports, including:

  • Mentor access via email
  • Chat facilities (access to other students)
  • Discussion lists (access to students and mentor)
  • An organiser (Notebook and Planner)

The Workspace Application can be downloaded from the Download Workspace page. It is available for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

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