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Task 2: Express yourself

Express yourself will help you develop the skills and knowledge in the unit of competency CUSMLT201A Develop and apply musical ideas and listening skills.

This table shows which elements of competency and performance criteria relate to your task Express yourself.

Element of competency Performace criteria

Element 1

Develop musical ideas

1.1 Listen to and identify musical ideas in a range of musical styles

1.2 Seek information on the context of musical ideas in one or more musical styles using appropriate information sources

1.3 Identify and develop own musical ideas and discuss with appropriate people

1.4 Apply musical ideas to own developing area of music practice and share with appropriate people

Element 3

Update and maintain music knowledge

3.1 Identify and use a range of opportunities to develop music knowledge ideas and listening skills

3.2 Maintain currency of own music knowledge using appropriate information sources

3.3 Check the credibility and reliability of information sources with appropriate people

3.4 Apply music knowledge to day-to-day activities to enhance quality of work performance

Listen in

Ash Grunwald was always drawn to blues music. Listen to him talk about how he's used the feel of blues to develop and express musical ideas.

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One of the most, probably the most soulful, simple genres and it has so many little sub-genres within it. It’s just something I was really always into and then I guess as time got on like I got a little bit of a sound in my head or something I wanted to convey which was, took the feel of blues and just the more modern beats and stuff like that and I sort of really got into that. But when I play blues music or play music I think I really forget myself and sort of drift away.


Ash Grunwald has been a professional musician for over ten years. Listen to Ash talking about the people he works with and how they help him as a musician.

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