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Task 1: Listen to this!

Listen to this will help you develop the required skills and knowledge in the unit of competency CUSMLT201A Develop and apply musical ideas and listening skills.

This table shows which elements of competency and performance criteria relate to Listen to this.

Element of competency Performance criteria

1 Identify and differentiate a range of musical styles

1.1 Actively listen to a range of recorded and live music performance in selected musical styles and discuss with appropriate people

1.2 Compare a range of musical genres using appropriate listening skills, music terminology and information sources

1.3 Identify the repertoire of a range of musical genres using appropriate information sources and discuss with appropriate people.

3 Update and maintain music knowledge

3.1 Identify and use a range of opportunities to develop music knowledge ideas and listening skills

3.2 Maintain currency of own music knowledge using appropriate information sources

3.3 Check the credibility and reliability of information sources with appropriate people

3.4 Apply music knowledge to day-to-day activities to enhance quality of work performance

Listen in

Ash Grunwald has been a professional musician for over ten years. Listen to Ash talking about how he builds up his knowledge of music.

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I had a clear thing that I was into earlier on in my life and that was Blues music. So it was like this little project I guess or something that I was really excited about, and just got into all the different sub-genres I mean of Blues and really found out a lot. But look these days people do that so much quicker than I was able to do it. I was listening on the radio and buying CDs and whatever but people can become a sort of instant expert now on well I guess on anything really with the net being there like it is. But now you can go onto You Tube tangent and really get to know a genre really well and different stuff so it’s pretty easy. But I guess I built up my knowledge of Blues and my feel for that sort of music which is the most important thing.


Ash Grunwald has been a professional musician for over ten years. Listen to Ash talking about the people he works with and how they help him as a musician.

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