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Task 2: Play around

Play around will help you develop the required skills and knowledge in the unit of competency CUSMPF202A Incorporate music technology into performance.

In Play around, you’ll:

  • Use music technology to enhance performance.

This table shows the element of competency and performance criteria relate to your task Play around.

Element of competency Performance criteria

Element 3

Use music technology to enhance performance

3.1 Use electronic devices or software to record or play music, consistent with the style of the instruments or voices in the act
3.2 Use electronic devices to reproduce instrumental sounds or sequences
3.3 Use electronic devices or software to program music
3.4 Use electronic devices or software to drive outboard equipment accurately and consistently
3.5 Use electronic devices or software to incorporate sound into a music, video, light or multimedia product, as appropriate to the act or individual performance
3.6 Monitor own proficiency in using electronic devices and note areas for improvement in consultation with appropriate personnel (eg teacher, peers, self review).


1.4 Seek feedback from appropriate personnel on own skill development and set improvement goals.

Listen in

Ash Grunwald has been playing and performing music for about 10 years. Listen to him talk about how he uses music technology to enhance his performance.

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Ash Grunwald: Well, I think there’s two main parts to being a musician, a professional musician and it’s basically just live performance and recording. And just like anything in life I think process is the most important thing. So, what I mean by that is actually doing those two things, just dive in and start doing them you know so I would be going to open mikes and trying to get a gig at the local pool hall, I don’t know anything just get gigs, busk, whatever, play live a lot and record a lot. And the technology’s there for you to jump on. You can make the best sounding album in your bedroom especially if you go more down the electronic road as well obviously. So, I would suggest recording a lot and making finished albums and then moving onto something else probably a good thing but finishing the songs that you do. Like when you’re working on it just get that thing into iTunes so you can hear it on something as a finished product and then keep reworking it.


Ash Grunwald has been a professional musician for over ten years. Listen to Ash talking about the people he works with and how they help him as a musician.

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