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Task 1: Use industry sources

Use industry sources is one of two tasks that supports the teaching and learning of the unit of competency CUFIND201A Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge.

In Use industry sources you’ll:

  • source information from someone working in the music industry about what they do and how they use industry sources

  • develop your own professional network to research the industry and job opportunities.

This table shows which elements of competency and performance criteria relate to your task Use Industry Sources.

Elements of competency Performance criteria

Element 1

Source and apply industry information

1.1 Seek information on the structure and operation of the creative arts industries using appropriate sources.

1.2 Seek information on employment obligations and opportunities within the creative arts industries using appropriate sources.

1.3 Seek information on new technology affecting the creative arts industries using appropriate sources.

1.5 Apply information in day-to-day work activities to enhance quality of work performance.

Element 3

Update and maintain industry knowledge

3.1 Identify and use a range of opportunities to update knowledge of the creative arts industries

3.3 Share updated knowledge with colleagues

3.4 Establish and maintain effective contacts in the creative arts industries.

Listen in

Listen to Ash Grunwald talk about the people he works with and how they help him as a musician.

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Ash Grunwald: I have a booking agent, have a couple of them, some overseas. I have two in Australia because I had long standing relationships. And then I have a publicist who does all of the print. And actually at the moment she does radio but the other thing you could do that I’ve done in the past is get a radio plugger who tries to get you on radio and also get your film clips played and stuff like that. And then I have my own record company. I mean my record company’s just me doing my normal career really, there’s no one else on the label or anything but I just use a distributor and that’s worked out really well. I started off with boutique little labels picking me up and stuff but pretty much it’s been the same. I’ve always made my own albums and presented it and then just got it distributed.

Whenever I’ve done contracts or anything I’ve always hired a lawyer for a bit of piece of mind.


Ash Grunwald has been a professional musician for over ten years. Listen to Ash talking about the people he works with and how they help him as a musician.

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