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Welcome to the Small Business Management Toolbox.

You can scroll through this page or you can choose an option from the side menu to move to a particular section.

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Getting started

On the Home page, click on the name of a competency you wish to study. This will take you to the opening page for the competency, which shows 'Your task'. This details a task that you should be able to do after using the resources for this competency. Your Trainer may choose to use this task or a modified version of it as part of the assessment for this competency.

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Getting around each competency

The resources provided for each competency can be accessed using the following navigation buttons, which you will find at the top of each screen within a competency.

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These are the various types of activities you will find in the small business Toolbox.

Discussion starter - Discussion starters pose questions for you to think about and discuss with others, either in a face to face discussion or via an online bulletin board.

Research activity - Research activities ask you to search for information on websites or elsewhere.

Interactive activity - Interactive activities provide activities for you to do on the computer.

Practical activity - Practical activities give you tasks to do away from the computer.

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Enlarging the text

The Toolbox has been designed so that the size of text can be enlarged (or reduced) to assist readability. The process for doing this is different for different browsers.

Windows users

In Internet Explorer, use View…Text size or, if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, hold CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel up or down.

In Netscape, use CTRL [ or ].

Macintosh users

In Internet Explorer, use View…Text zoom or COMMAND + or -.

In Netscape, use COMMAND + or -.

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About underlined navigation elements

The HTML argument ACCESSKEY has been employed on the main navigation in each competency. Following common operating system convention, a single letter of each main navigation item has been underlined. Using ALT +this key (CTRL +key in some operating systems) will bring the focus to this item. For example. ALT+T will select the Topics menu item. Depending on the browser and platform, ENTER may have to be pressed to proceed to this page. This has been implemented to ease navigation without a mouse.

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Macintosh Issues with downloads and plugins

Macintosh users running MacOS versions prior to OSX may find that the operating system does not know how to handle some downloads in the Toolbox. This means that double-clicking on downloaded RTF files may not open the file. Instead, try opening the RTF file in your preferred Word Processing or text reader program manually.

If this occurs with PDF files, try saving the file to your hard disk and opening manually with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

These issues are related to how the earlier MacOS versions handle downloads and how they perform when additional operating system components (such as CarbonLib) are not installed prior to installing newer versions of software. They are not a reflection of the integrity of the Toolbox.

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About this Toolbox

This Toolbox is designed to assist people working in or planning to work in small businesses to acquire knowledge that is critical to business development and sustainability.

The resources in the Toolbox are based on 11 competency standards from the Business Services Training Package BSB01. These competencies are listed on the Home page. Details of these competency standards are available at

These competencies may be studied as part of a qualification such as the Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management).

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