Research business opportunities Learner's Guide
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Your task

Prepare a research report examining the viability of a business opportunity. Your report should include the following information.

  • A clearly defined business idea.
  • A feasibility study, demonstrating the viability and practicability of the business idea.
  • A gap analysis, demonstrating a potential market sector for your business idea.
  • A hypothetical SWOT analysis, based on your current understanding of the market.
  • A summary of the personal attributes necessary for the business opportunity, and a statement of how you intend to meet the required personal attributes.
  • A summary of the potential risks faced by this business venture, and a statement outlining how you could minimise these risks.

Your report may take the form of a paper or a presentation. You may like to discuss such requirements with your trainer.

Explore the topics for information that will help you complete the research report.

Try the activities for some practical experience in conducting safety inspections and designing training strategies.

Discuss your safety report with other learners and compare different strategies to identify an approach that suits your workplace.