Undertake business planning Learner's Guide
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Your task

Develop a business plan for a specific business.

The workplace may be your own business, your place of employment or another business that you can access. Alternatively, you may choose to develop a business plan based on one of the fictional workplaces contained in the 'Example businesses'.

Your plan should include sections that cover the following aspects of business planning.

  • Mission, goals and objectives of the business.
  • Finances including sources of finance and a cashflow forecast.
  • Marketing methods to promote the business.
  • Operations outlining how the business will run and taking into account legal as well as occupational health and safety (OH&S) considerations. This section should also discuss how you plan to monitor your business’ progress.
  • Staffing issues.
  • Consultants or other specialists your business plans to use.
  • Risk management strategies and contingency plans for your business.

Business plan pro-forma

You may find many different business plan pro-formas on the Internet, through banks, consultants, education courses and in software packages.

Your 'Business advisor' has also prepared a business plan template which you can download.

Not every section needs to be filled out equally. Use only those sections most appropriate to your business, your environment of operation and the readers of your plan.

Explore the topics for information that will help you complete the business plan.

Try the activities for some practical experience in preparing the different sections of the business plan.

Discuss your business plan with other learners and compare different strategies to identify an approach that suits your business.