Manage a small team Learner's Guide
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Your task

Develop a staff plan for your business. Make sure you have accounted for all the tasks that need to be completed to effectively run your business. Make sure that you haven't overloaded anyone and that the distribution of tasks is right by estimating the time taken to complete each task.

Write a job description and person specification for each of the jobs in your staff plan.

Design an organisational structure. Make sure all the reporting relationships are accurate. List the function and responsibility of each person in your organisation structure.

Develop a training plan for each of your staff members. If you do not have a business already in operation, anticipate the training needs for one of the jobs for which you have written a job description and design an example plan.

Write an agenda for regular staff meetings. Include objectives being reviewed and feedback from staff members.

Write a policy and procedure manual for your business. Include the following.

  • Recruitment and selection.
  • Training and development.
  • Induction.
  • Occupation health and safety.
  • Employment conditions, equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and cultural diversity.
  • Termination of employment.

If you do not already have a proposed business or business in operation use one of the example businesses to complete your task.

Begin working on your task at any time.


Explore the topics to help you gain ideas for developing a staff plan, job descriptions and organisational structure.

Try the activities to challenge your ideas and start developing a staff plan and policy and procedure manual.

Discuss staff management and recruitment issues with other learners. Gain ideas from others on how to manage difficult situations and where to go for professional help.

Download the documents throughout the competency and keep them for future reference.