Develop work priorities Learner's Guide
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Your task

Prepare the following for a workplace.

  • A workgroup plan. This may be a sales plan, reporting plan, production plan, budgetary plan, team participation plan, work schedule or team and individual learning goals.
  • A set of work objectives. These may be sales targets, reporting deadlines, production targets, budgetary targets, team participation or team and individual learning goals.
  • A plan for monitoring performance.
  • An analysis of professional development needs for one of the employees.

The workplace may be your own business, your place of employment or another business that you can access. Alternatively, you may choose to develop a workgroup plan based on one of the fictional workplaces contained in the 'example businesses'.

In your work group plan, take into account the following.

  • Client needs
  • Resources
  • Organisation targets

Your work objectives should include:

  • priority items
  • any factors that may affect the achievement of these objectives
  • contingency plans.
Explore the topics for information that will help you complete this task.

Try the activities for some practical experience in the different aspects involved.

Discuss your work with other learners and compare different strategies to identify an approach that suits your business.