Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies Learner's Guide
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Your task

Prepare a customer service charter for your business.

Prepare policies and procedures for customer service in your business. Include refund/replacement policies, complaints procedure and telephone policy if relevant.

Give an example of how you would change a system or process in response to a complaint. Outline how you would change the work culture in your business if this is relevant.

If you are a sole trader, outline how you will evaluate the customer service you give. Do you need feedback from customers, other businesses or friends?

Design a questionnaire that will increase your understanding of your customers' wants and needs in relation to your products or services. Outline your sample group. How will you distribute your questionnaire? How will you collate your results? Give an example to show how you will present your results.

If you do not have a business of your own, use one of the 'Example businesses', your place of employment or another business you can access.

Explore the topics topics to find the necessary information to complete your task.

Try the activities. Some of them will relate directly to completing your task whilst others will help you to expand your knowledge and ideas on the topics. You may use some of the ideas developed and notes taken when completing the activities in your task.

Discuss your customer service strategies with other learners and compare different strategies to identify an approach that suits your business.