Band update.

The story so far...

Photo of Bjorn holding BTPs master CD.Well, 'Beside the Point' are gradually making a name for themselves. The band is slowly gaining in profile and has built up a solid fan base. But it's time to take them to the next level.

They've recorded a demo CD and you've arranged for 200 copies of the master to be burnt. The CDs should be arriving in about a week.

Now it's time to start preparing everything for the CD launch. It's gonna' be big!

Worksheet activity icon.

Before you start organising the launch, download the following worksheet to complete as you work your way through the unit.


Establish and manage resources and technical requirements - worksheet.

Store your completed worksheet in a file as your online teacher will want to see it at the end of this unit.

If you ever lose your worksheet you can grab another copy off the audio school lecturer, Helen.

To help you work out what you need to do in order to plan a successful launch, you've made yourself a 'To do' list and it looks like this:

To do icon.
1. Work out a plan for the launch.
2. Organise a venue.
3. Organise potential support bands for the gig.
4. Promote the launch.
5. Prepare and supervise the technical requirements of the launch.

For a complete list of what you're going to have to organise for this recording and follow up live performance, don't forget that you can refer to the set list for extra help. You can access this any time you want from the menu on the left.