Band update.

The story so far...

The band members of 'Beside the Point' (BTP) were stoked when they read the review, 'Campus Showdown winners - a great new noise' in [new] muse. Photo of 'Beside the Point' rehearsing for the recording of their second CD.The review was written following BTP's success at the recent 'Campus Showdown' competition. First prize was a recording session with Studio 7 plus $1,000 cash. The band has already used the recording session to record their second EP and you have the master copy (in CD-R format) in your hot little hands! Guard it with your life!

With the prize money, BTP have asked you to organise copies of the EP for the CD launch that the band hope to organise a bit later on. Hey! You can also send a copy to a distribution company (or two!).

With the band busy writing new material and rehearsing regularly, you have been hand-balled the gig of managing the CD duplication process. This involves finding a suitable CD pressing plant or burning company, designing the CD cover and lots more! You'll need skills to be able to plan, budget and monitor the progress to ensure that the CDs will be ready for the launch in a couple of months time.

Worksheet activity icon.

Before you start planning the duplication of the EP, download the following worksheet to complete as you work your way through the unit.


Manage a project - worksheet.

Store your completed worksheet in a file as your online teacher will want to see it at the end of this unit.

If you ever lose your worksheet you can grab another copy off the audio school lecturer, Helen.

It might seem fairly straightforward but you need to be very organised. To help you manage all the things that you'll need to do, you've made yourself a 'To do' list and it looks like this:

To do icon.
1. Establish the band as a business.
2. Plan the tasks you'll need to carry out to make copies of the CD and work within a budget.
3. Organise the duplication of the CDs and the artwork.
4. Track project progress.

For a complete list of what you're going to have to organise for this project, don't forget that you can refer to the set list for extra help. You can access this any time you want from the menu on the left.