Band update.

The story so far...

Photo of a 4-track digital recording machine.You've just bought a new 4-track digital recording machine (BOSS BR2) also known as the 'digi 4-track' which you want to use to record some tracks on. The guys and gals from the band 'NiteBabe', have offered to be your 'guinea pigs' while you learn how to use the recording machine 'cos they'll end up with a recording that they can listen to and use to check out how their sound is developing.

The lyricist in the band hopes to get some inspiration from this jam session as the 4-track machine is a killer song writing tool for the band.

The band's rehearsal session is tomorrow and Eve has booked one of the rehearsal rooms at the Play Room for you and the band to use.

Worksheet activity icon.

Before you start the band's recording, download the following worksheet to complete as you work your way through the unit.


Record sound - worksheet.

Store your completed worksheet in a file as your online teacher will want to see it at the end of this unit.

If you ever lose your worksheet you can grab another copy off the audio school lecturer Helen.

To help you learn about the recording machine, and to produce a tidy rehearsal recording, you've made yourself a 'To do' list and it looks like this:

To do icon.
1. Familiarise yourself with the recording machine.
2. Set up the machine and the band, ready to record.
3. Record the rhythm track.
4. Make a recording at your school or college.

For a complete list of what you're going to have to do for this first recording, don't forget that you can refer to the set list for extra help. You can access this any time from the menu on the left.