Band update.

The story so far...

Last week you walked past a poster on one of the noticeboards at school. It advertised a national competition open to any students studying audio, music, film or television.

On taking a closer look at the poster, you decide that you want to enter. The comp asks you to create a soundtrack for a short film and has some great prizes.

Click on the thumbnail below to see the competition details.

Competition poster - click here to view the poster at full size.

Before you start work on your competition entry you're going to have to learn how to use audio editing software (if you don't already know how to). You're also going to have to learn how to create and record your own sound effects, or at least find out where you can buy or download these types of sounds from.

Worksheet activity icon.

Download the following worksheet to complete as you work your way through the unit.


Edit sound using digital systems - worksheet.

Store your completed worksheet in a file as your online teacher will want to see it at the end of this unit.

If you ever lose your worksheet you can grab another copy off the audio school lecturer, Helen.

So that you can get your entry completed in time you've made yourself the following 'To do' list:

To do icon.
1. Install digital editing software and learn how to use it.
2. Research sound effects and music for your video.
3. Import your sound effects and music and add them to your video.

For a complete list of what you're going to need to do to learn how to edit sound using digital systems, don't forget that you can refer to the set list for extra help. You can access this any time you want from the menu on the left.