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The story so far...

Beside the Point (BTP) are keen to enter the 3rd Annual Campus Showdown competition and win the first prize, which includes a recording session and $1000 cash. Click on the thumbnail to have a look at the competition poster.

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Thumbnail of the poster for the 3rd Annual Campus Showdown competition.

To enter the competition the band has to submit a recording of one of their songs. To be short-listed for the competition and given a chance at the first prize, this recording will need to be great stuff.

The band has managed to save some money from the round of gigs they've been doing in the local scene. The boys have agreed to put up $750 to record one of their new songs for the competition.

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Before you start preparing for this task, download the following worksheet to complete as you work your way through the unit.


Supervise technical operations - worksheet.

Store your completed worksheet in a file, as your online teacher will want to see it at the end of this unit.

If you ever lose your worksheet you can grab another copy off the audio school lecturer, Helen.

To help you work out what you need to do in order to prepare the recording for the 3rd Annual Campus Showdown competition, you've made yourself a 'To do' list and it looks like this:

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1. Organise pre-production in readiness for the recording session.
2. Get into the recording studio and prepare to record.
3. Identify and rectify any technical problems in the recording studio.

For a complete list of what you're going to have to do to record the song for the 3rd Annual Campus Showdown competition, you can always refer to the set list.