The learning design and features  

The learning design of this Toolbox places the learner as a trainer/assessor for Optimal Learning Solutions (OLS), an RTO providing training and assessment services to a range of government, private and industry organisations. A detailed profile of OLS, their clients and the learner's role is provided, as well as an interactive tour of the Toolbox to assist with orientation.

The 13 units are arranged into four streams; Learning Design, Delivery and Facilitation, Learning Environment and Assessment, which align with the unit codes and focus areas within the Certificate IV qualification. Each unit contains a project for the learner to complete, facilitating the process of evidence gathering towards a demonstration of competency.

Other features to support the learner include:

  • The OLS staff members; Frank Mori, Danni Lindy, Ruby Perkins and Jasper Wellard, who act as mentors to support and assist the learner with case studies, resources, advice and guidance - based on their experience in VET.
  • Access to four key OLS clients via the Staff Room - the Ruth Barnes' Health Campus, Orchid Fashion Designs, the Rev Shop automotive business and nFinity Marketing. The learner will work with these clients in a range of activities that support the competencies required in the units - for example, designing a learning program or undertaking a Training Needs Analysis.
  • The OLS Training Room - provides access to a comprehensive suite of resources such as documents, templates, magazines, websites and textbooks.
  • Planners - provides easy access to all the tools and resources required to successfully complete the work required in each unit.

In addition, a Skills Recognition facility with a Self-Assessment tool that facilitates the development of an Individual Learning Plan is provided for learners seeking this option. This is available for the whole course, as well as at an individual unit level.

This Toolbox has been developed according to accessibility standards, including text alternatives for all multimedia components such as images, audio and interactive learning exercises.

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