This is an online content development initiative within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework for the National VET System 2000-2004.

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This Toolbox (version 2.0) was revised and updated in June 2007. The following changes were made:

  • All existing references to ANTA have been updated to DEST.
  • Minor technical and content issues have been corrected.
  • The copyright and disclaimer information has been updated to reflect DEST standards.
  • Metadata has been removed.
  • All external websites referenced through the Toolbox have been checked and, where necessary, updated.

Project team  
WestOne logo

Lead Agent

WestOne Services

Project Manager

Louise Housden

Content development

Mary Aquino
Louise Housden
Dannielle Phelan

Instructional design

Louise Housden
Dannielle Phelan
James Taylor

Graphic design

Chris Farrell (Lead Designer)
Adolfo Chavez

Multimedia development

Daniel Gibby (Lead Developer)
Perry Ielati
Chris Farrell
Darren Bowers

Special thanks to the following people who acted as characters in the E-team

Ian Kenny (Andrew Del Santo, Team Leader)
Carol Wright (Sally MacArthur, Instructional designer)
Paula O'Brien (Lucy Taylor, Content Expert)
James Taylor (John Nixon, Multimedia Developer)
Darren Bowers (James Page, Graphic Designer)
Deborah Lamb (Beth McIntosh, E-facilitator)

Special thanks to the following people who acted as other characters

Geraldine Jeffery (Geri, an ICT Trainer)
Mary Aquino (June, a Hospitality and Tourism trainer)
Andrew Fernandez (Allan, an Adult Migrant English Programs trainer)