Welcome to TruVision's home page! This is where our Reception Area is located. For you to be familiar with the Reception Area, we would like to describe it to you. Centrally positioned on the screen there is a boomerang shaped Reception Desk. Sitting behind the right-hand side of the desk is our Receptionist, Carolyn. Her black Labrador guide dog Rosie is lying beside her. Positioned at the front of the desk is a small notice displaying "My name is Carolyn. I am vision impaired." Carolyn is a friendly and outgoing 25 year old. She is wearing a bright red suit, is smiling and is looking straight ahead. Carolyn is of medium height and has long, curly brown hair which is tied into a pony tail on top of her head. A telephone headset is connected to her left ear. Behind the Reception desk there are three doors. Each door is a link to a specific area within TruVision. The door on the left takes you to the Orientation Room where you can meet the TruVision staff and find out about: * TruVision, * unit competencies and assessments, * communicating online, * working online. The middle door takes you to the IT Support Room. This room contains the work stations for the specialist IT (Information Technology) Support Officers. Here you can access the IT Support Officers for help. The door on your right takes you to the Trainee Workstations. This is where all your work is done. Here you will access and complete your Work Assignments. If this is your first time to the course; Tab to the Carolyn Link and press Enter. Carolyn will introduce herself and explain about the three doors behind her. Then tab to the Orientation Link and press Enter. This will take you into the Orientation Room. A further explanation of that area will be given to you when you get there. To locate the information available in the IT Support Room tab to the IT Support Room link and press Enter. An explanation of that area will be given to you when you get there also. To understand what happens in the Trainee Workstations Room tab to the Trainee Workstations link and press Enter. An explanation of that area will be given to you as well.
IT Support Room
Trainee Workstation
Communication Tools