Welcome to the ANTA Toolbox for the Youth Work competencies.

How do I use this toolbox?

You may be enrolled as a student with a registered training organisation to undertake specific competencies as part of a qualification, or you may be studying specific learning units as part of a professional development program. A detailed learner's guide contains information about the competencies qualifications and learning units. We suggest you read this document. You can print this document by clicking here.

How do I move around the village?

You can see what each building contains by rolling your mouse over the various buildings. Clicking on a building will take you into that building and you then have choices for your next move.

Words that are underlined allow you to click on the word to move directly to that specific subject.

The back button on your toolbar can be used to return to a previous screen.

The Map button is another way to navigate and locate resources. The Map button is located at the top right hand side of each page and contains three levels of information:

  • Competency - a complete list of every competency
  • Learning Units - the list of learning units that comprise each competency
  • Resources - a list of the resources provided for every learning unit. You can display a resource by clicking its entry on the list.

When you have finished exploring your selected resource, select the Map again and it will return you to your last selection point. This means that if you were viewing the resources list for a particular learning unit, you will return to that list.

How do I get started?

Before you begin investigating the the toolbox you should check that your computer system meets both software and hardware requirements.

After you have checked your system requirements and you are ready to begin your studies, you should select the click the next button to proceed to the Youth Work Village you are undertaking from the index page.

If you are visiting this site for the first time, you may find it useful to spend some time navigating around the village and viewing the content.

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