The Youth Work toolbox was funded by Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) and developed by Training and Development Services (TDS), Holmesglen Institute of TAFE and is part of an online content development initiative within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework for the National VET System 2000-2004.

Project Director: Joan Salmon
Project Co-Ordinator: Christine Foard
Multimedia Manager: Gerard Marcus
Project Team: Andrew Buntine, Melissa Jacobson, Peter Joison, Bernadette McDermott and Rowan Peter.

We would like to acknowledge all staff and Training and Development Services (TDS) that contributed to the design, development and testing of this product.

We would also like to acknowledge the following key groups for their contributions to this project:

Steering Committee:

Ms. Therese Bourke, Southern Family Life
Mr. David White, Mackillop Family Services
Ms. Sue Sealey, Anglicare
Mr. Craig Marshall, Children's Welfare Association of Victoria
Mr. Robin Flynn, Community Services and Health Training Australia
Ms. Alison Drysdale, Office for Youth
Mr. Cameron Nichol, Office of ETTE.

Project Partners:

Southern Family Life
Mackillop Family Services


We also thank all advisors, writers, technical editors, reviewers and actors that contributed to the development of the this project.

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This work has been produced initially with the assistance of funding provided by the Commonwealth Government through ANTA. The views expressed in this work do not necessarily represent the views of ANTA. ANTA does not give warranty nor accept any liability in relation to the content of this work.

First published 2001.

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